Building the

Creative Village

What would our community be like if we could build it as a group to have a better future? What would the school be like? What would public spaces, transportation, and people be like?


Engage your students with a hands-on activity in which they will have the opportunity to use concepts from the curriculum and lots of creativity and be free to create using simples materials and teamwork, while reflecting about what they create and even the creation process itself.


Use the sharing step to facilitate a reflection about the creative process and how it is connected to the content, attitudes, and skills you would like your students to develop.

Did you try out

this activity



  • cardboard 

  • shoe boxes

  • paper cups

  • paper plates

  • etc

Tools and crafts

  • scissors

  • glue

  • adhesive tape

  • masking tape

  • strings

  • hot glue

  • hot glue gun


  • LED

  • 2 or 3 volt battery

  • 5.9 volt engine

  • AA battery mount 

  • AA batteries



See an example of how to facilitate this activity


How would our community be like?

Welcome the students and present the topic for the activity. Divide them into groups on the hands-on stations (the materials should already be arranged on the desks).




Time to work! 

It’s making time! Point out the stations where the villages will be created and tell the students that there are different materials available, which they are free to use however they want.



What did you built? 

What was the motivation behind it?

After each group has put away the materials which were not used and cleaned their stations, do a tour around the place and ask each group to share what they created, why, and what would they do if they were able to continue working...



"Welcome to the Creative Village: a hands-on introduction to Creative Learning"

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