What is Creative Learning?


The 4 Ps

Creative Learning is an educational approach aimed at developing a more creative, hands-on, relevant, and playful experience focused on the em 4 Ps: Projects, Passion, Peers and Play


It is when creativity involves the learning process alongside the opportunity to work with projects which are closely connected to our personal interests, passions, and in partnership with other people and peers, in a fun and free manner, with access to materials and spaces where we can think playfully.

​" I believe that school (indeed, the rest of life) should become like kindergarten."

Mitchel Resnick


The Creative Learning Spiral

The Creative Learning process involves imagining, creating, playing with materials and possibilities during the creation process (testing, failing, repeating), sharing our creations, difficulties, and experiences, reflecting about everything we learned, and imagining once again.


This means acting on our project iteratively, by changing it,

re-imagining it, and returning to this spiral sequence. 


As students go through the creative learning spiral process in connection to the four Ps, they learn and improve their own ideas and also become creative thinkers.


Creative Learning is based in more than 50 years of constructionist research started by the Mathematician and Educator Seymour Papert. This approach is very inclusive and is related to the new Brazilian curriculum guidelines. 

Learn more about the relation between Creative Learning and the Brazilian National Common Core Curriculum (BNCC) in this article or this lecture about this topic.


In Brazil, the Brazilian Creative Learning Network is the main reference on this topic. It gathers thousands of educators, families, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, and students who want to turn educational environments into more creative, hands-on, and meaningful spaces.

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To learn more about the 4 Ps and the Spiral

Check the article "Give Ps a chance"

by Mitchel Resnick

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