Share your passion creating 

Fun Signs

Cardboard wheels because Andrew loves riding bikes...

Characters representing John’s grandmother and brother, who he loves...


What do your students love? What can represent who they are? How can they express that in a way that is fun and engaging to their classmates?


Engage the kids in a hands-on activity in which they will have the opportunity to be heard and know each other by creating signs or other objects to represent themselves and sharing meaningful stories with their classmates. 


Do not forget to create yours!




  • colored paper or cardstock

  • pieces of cardboard

  • plastic bottle caps

  • pieces of fabric

  • etc

Tools and office supplies

  • markers, chalk or colored pencils

  • glue

  • adhesive tape

  • masking tape

  • strings

Electronic components


  • LED

  • 2 or 3 volt battery


See an example of how to explore this activity


If I could represent myself or one of my greatest passions, what would I do with these materials?

Welcome students and engage them in this topic by presenting an example. How about showing them a sign you, the educator, created previously? Use this time to also tell a little bit about yourself?




Time to work!

It’s making time! Make the materials available so that everyone is free to use them however they want.



Time to show your plates and tell the stories behind them

After each group has put away the materials that were not used and cleaned the room, ask each student to share what they did, the motive behind it, and what would they do if they were able to continue working or use different materials.



Use the sharing step to facilitate a reflection about the creative process and how it is connected to the content, attitudes, and skills you would like your students to develop.

Did you try out this activity? 


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