Transform the


How do you arrange your classroom?

What have you been doing to turn this space into a place that enables collaborative work?

We want to motivate you to transform your classroom, regardless of it being a basic or secondary education classroom.


​Inspire the diversity of projects and paths

Students will have the possibility of creating projects based on their interests and passions, not only copying a project or following a script.


Idea 1 - Display their projects

Use walls, shelves, cabinet tops, and other corners to display projects that have been completed or that are under construction and that might motivate new creations or be used as examples on how to start.

Idea 2 - Create a reading corner

Create a corner for reading and research by organizing a small library that can be used during class. 


Support collaboration

Turning the classroom into a collaborative space depends on not only the physical transformation

of the environment but also on the way we work as educators and students.

Idea 1 - Group desks together

Reorganize desks and chairs in the form of large tables that are ideal for group work. 

This is interesting even for lectures because it can motivate class participation and enable reflections on the concepts and content presented. 

Idea 2 - Rely on the students 

Rely on the students to arrange the classroom and ask for help when taking simple and complex decisions, i.e. how to arrange the desks, how to display projects, etc.

This kind of involvement makes students develop a sense of belonging, take better care of the space, and participate more frequently during class. 

Idea 3 - Open the way to connection

Make sure you have space where students can move freely between work stations and projects. 

This ensures that they have the possibility of collaborating on different groups and that you as the facilitator can monitor and provide the support everyone needs.

Idea 4 - Be a peer

Show the students when you are learning as well!

For students, the effect of seeing their teacher as a peer is incredible! Use these hands-on and playful moments to discover new things!


In order for everyone to have a voice and turn, make the classroom transformation a class effort! 

Have you tried out these or other ideas? 

To learn more about these suggestions

Check the article "Origins and Guiding Principles of the Computer Clubhouse.
By Natalie Rusk, Mitchel Resnick, and Stina Cooke

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